Soditech designs, manufactures and tests wiring harnesses for instruments, vehicles or platforms:


  • Design: cable layout design, CAD wiring diagrams and built to scale models with integrated cable layout diagrams
  • Methods and industrialization: qualification model wiring, qualification test management
  • Serial production in cleanroom environment: wiring harnesses and on-board electrical equipment
  • Integration onto the flight model
  • Customer support at all stages of the project

Instrumentation sensors, onboard racks and test benches, satellite harnesses and equipment.



Soditech integrates structural equipment and sub-assemblies:

  • Electrical assembly: harness integration and functional tests
  • Mechanical integration: qualified processes for bonding, non-destructive testing
  • Multi-skills expertise: pneumatic, optical, thermal
  • Space industry expertise for the integration of OSR, SSM, heaters, heat pipes, inserts

Satellites, scientific missions, cryo-modules, surface vessels and submarines


Soditech designs and manufactures MLI (Multi-Layer Insulation):

  • Design and definition: number of layers, geometry and manufacturing plans
  • Material expertise: advice on the choice and optimization of material compositions
  • Assembly in ISO8 or ISO5 environment 
  • Control, material traceability, particulate and molecular cleanliness analysis

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The head office :

Soditech SA, 1 Bis allée des Gabians 06150, Cannes-la-Bocca, France

Main facility :

+33(0) 4 92 19 48 00

Soditech SA, 1 Bis allée des Gabians 06150, Cannes-la-Bocca, France

Representative office :

+33(0) 5 82 95 72 53

Contact :

Soditech SA, 16 avenue de l’Europe 31520, Ramonville Saint Agne – France

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SODITECH All rights reserved © 2023

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