Soditech participates in projects that have a high impact on the environment and people thanks to a global offer of products and services. From 20,000 leagues under the sea to the planet Mars via the Earth, our company has been evolving passionately since 1990 thanks to the customers who put their confidence in us.


Soditech is a family SME specialized in the integration of mechanical, thermal and electronic sub-assemblies in the fields of Space, Research and Defence.

Industrial capacity

Soditech has several strategic addresses in France with industrial production capacity in Cannes:

  • 1000m² of class ISO 8 clean room capacity for the production and integration of high-end equipment for Space, Defense and Research,
  • Automated testing and production equipment: electrical test bays, ergonomic tables, arranged and optimized production lines, handling and lifting equipment, etc.
  • A 25m² ISO 5 clean room for the integration and cleaning of optical and opto-mechanical equipment
  • A physico-chemical laboratory for particle and molecular analysis

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Quality commitment

Soditech is committed to respecting the Quality requirements associated with the needs of each customer to ensure transparency and lasting customer relations.

  • EN 9100
  • ISO 9001
  • Expertise certification CNES Wired Interconnections n°13-99
  • Defense Accreditation



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